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Different Types Of Baby Blankets

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After your baby is born, whether you need to swaddle or comfort them, keep them warm, or cover them while breastfeeding, you'll always use a different type of blanket. Choosing the right baby blanket is very important, so what types of baby blankets are there to choose from?

1. Swaddle blanket

Swaddling your baby is one of the best ways to keep them warm while maintaining a safe sleeping environment and reducing the risk of SIDS. You can opt for a muslin swaddle to keep them cozy and calm their startle response. Swaddle blankets are versatile due to their light weight, quick-drying material, and generous size. You can also use them as stroller covers, nursing covers, play mats, security blankets and more. Best Swaddle Blanket | Bamboo Cotton Blanket

2. Baby sleeping bag

Not all babies like to be swaddled, and this is when you can choose a baby sleeping bag for them. Although sleeping bags aren't called blankets, they're essentially wearable blankets that don't pose the risk of covering your baby's face at night.

3. Toddler blankets

Generally speaking, when your baby is about one and a half years old, you can use toddler blankets for them, and your baby will probably be very obsessed with it. Muslin blankets are a great choice as toddler blankets, they are super comfy and will give your baby peace of mind.

4. Crocheted Blankets

Smaller than typical swaddle blankets, these blankets are perfect for newborn care, and are also a great baby blanket option.

5. Choose the best breathable fabric

When choosing a blanket for your baby, not only is the type of blanket important, but choosing the right surface is also very important. Hypoallergenic, natural and breathable fabrics are the best way to keep your baby safe and healthy. You can choose from muslin, organic cotton, fleece, wool, and other types of blankets. Choose the best blanket for your baby based on the weather where you live, the temperature of your house, and what you'll be using the blanket for.

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