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E-commerce Seller Service

If you are an online seller on Amazon, shopify, shopee, lazada, ebay, etc., we will provide you with some personalized services to help you promote your sales of our products on the online platform.
We will provide you with product selection service: the core of online sales is product selection, a good product may be the decisive factor in increasing your online sales, so we will provide you with this service to promote your sales. We have a very professional team that can get first-hand market information, we can fully understand the product development trend of the market, you can contact us if you are in need.
We will provide you with personalized customized service: If you have your own brand, or you have some special needs for your product packaging, we can solve the problems for you. We can provide customized packaging services and will solve all your problems from design, production to delivery, therefore you can have a good experience in selling your products online.
We will provide you with flexible MOQ service: For online sellers, we can be more flexible in the MOQ policy of some products to minimize your risk, and we can also ensure the delivery date as we promised.
We can provide you with marketing support service: If you need to get more traffic to your online platform, or you need someone who can help you edit product pictures, posters, or other services, we can help you. And we can help you get customers to your online platform through our marketing pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on to promote your sales.
Product procurement service: We have a very strong supply chain management system for baby products. We can meet all your purchasing needs for different products. We will provide you with product quotation and MOQ within 24 hours after you contact us, you can email us directly to tell us of your needs. You can totally trust our ability to integrate products.

Product Delivery & Logistics Information

The leading time of the product is an issue that our customers are very concerned about, and it is also an issue we attach great importance to. Over the years, we have continuously improved the production capacity, and we have integrated a large number of raw material supply chain resources, so we can ensure that our leading time can be in accordance with the time we promised.
Advanced equipment: We have advanced production equipment, which can meet the production needs of almost all customers.
Reasonable production arrangement: Our production workshop has a very high level of management. We will make reasonable production arrangements according to the quantity of customers' orders to ensure that each customer's production needs can be met in time.
Own warehouse: We hava our warehouse  so that we can reserve some raw materials and produce some conventional products in advance to meet our production needs and customers' needs for quick delivery.
Supply chain integration: We have a history of more than 20 years and have a very good reputation in the industry. We integrated a large number of raw material supplier resources, and we can also deploy some factories that cooperate with us so that we have a strong and rapid response mechanism. Meanwhile, we have very strict management of these supply chains. Therefore, our customers can cooperate with us at ease, and we can ensure the leading time as we promised.
Jinhua Colourful Family Textile Company is located in 
Jinhua Industrial zone of Technology. 
The company is established in 2 0 0 6 year, All supporting enterprises within two hundred kilometer effectively reduce production costs.
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