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When Can Your Baby Sleep With A Blanket?

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A fluffy blanket is very comfortable, but you need to make sure it's safe if you're using it for a baby, especially with a newborn, as blankets can cause accidental suffocation, trapping, or strangulation. But as your baby gets older and you can start using blankets for them, when can your baby start using blankets?

In general, the risk of SIDS is significantly reduced by the age of 12 months, but large, thick or quilted blankets still pose a risk to your baby. By the time your baby is 18 months, if he can untie himself when wrapped in a loose blanket and push the blanket or stuffed toy away from his face, and the pediatrician agrees, most babies can use the small, lightweight blanket. When transitioning to blankets, we recommend starting with a small, thin, breathable muslin blanket. Avoid weighted blankets or blankets with strings, ties, or ribbons.

Blankets provide enough warmth in cold weather. An attachment blanket can be the first step in helping your child develop a sense of independence. So when your baby starts to grow, giving him a fluffy blanket at the right time is also a great way to develop his independence.

Of course, if you still have some doubts about the safety of blankets, wearable blankets are a safer alternative to loose blankets. In addition to providing extra warmth, a wearable blanket can stop a baby from stepping over the rails and out of the crib, reducing the risk of the baby falling out of bed.