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Precautions For Baby Bedding

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Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting thing. Of course, preparing a comfortable cot for them also requires a lot of consideration, so what do you know about the precautions for baby bedding?

1. Crib or bassinet, which is better?

Some parents prefer a bassinet because it takes up little space and is easy to carry. And some parents prefer to use the crib from birth, avoiding the inevitable transition to the crib when the baby is about 3-4 months old. As for which one to choose, it mostly comes down to your personal preference. But the main consideration when choosing which one to consider is safety. If the crib or bassinet is passed down from the family and is not new, it needs to be checked for safety to avoid the risk of injury.

2. Baby's Safe Sleep Guide

While your baby is sleeping, make sure your baby has a safe sleeping environment, including a safe crib, a safe mattress, and safe bedding. And let your baby sleep in a safe environment next to your bed for six to 12 months after birth.

3. Sleeping in the same bed

Many parents share a bed with their baby, which is thought to help build intimacy, promote breastfeeding and promote better sleep for the baby. If you choose to share a bed with your baby, there are some important safety aspects you need to consider. If you do choose to co-sleep, put your baby on the side of one of your parents, not between you. If your baby is sleeping on their stomach or side with their face covered by the bedding, they are at great risk of suffocation. our baby must not share a bed with other children or pets. It is very important for your baby to keep the bed safe and hygienic.

4. Some points you need to pay attention to

Avoid harsh detergents with strong fragrances when washing baby bedding, which can irritate baby's skin. Try to have enough beds available so you can replace them whenever you need them. Babies' skin is easily irritated by man-made fibers, so choose 100% cotton and natural materials whenever possible when shopping for cribs.

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