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How To Keep Your Baby Warm At Night

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Winter is not a good season for babies. After all, the coldest time of day is when your baby is asleep. It can be tough for a baby to catch a cold, so what should you do to keep your baby warm in the cold winter?

First, you need to know that overheating in babies at night is a problem and is considered a risk factor for SIDS. So you should keep your baby warm without overheating him.

Dress your baby in warm clothes at night, and you can decide based on how you feel and how you dress. That said, if you're comfortable in just one light nightgown, your baby will probably feel the same way. However, since your baby doesn't have a blanket, you can dress them a little warmer. But don't overdo it, we recommend that you only dress your baby in one more layer than you would wear yourself.

Using swaddles to wrap young babies is also a way to keep them warm and help them fall asleep. Swaddling gives your baby a feeling of comfort and security and may remind them of being in the womb. However, it is important that the swaddle should not be too tight and your baby should be able to breathe freely in the swaddle. Also, your baby should always sleep on their back in a swaddled to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Of course, if your baby needs extra warmth at night, you can also put your baby in a sleeping bag or wearable blanket. These are usually made of breathable but warm materials to keep your baby warm and safer.