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Tips For Using Baby Cloth Diapers: How To Avoid Leakage And Diaper Rash

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Baby cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly and affordable choice, but improper use may lead to leakage and diaper rash. Here are some practical tips to help you use baby cloth diapers better and avoid common problems.

Choose the right cloth diaper

Choosing the right cloth diaper is the key to avoiding leakage and diaper rash. Different cloth diapers have different absorbency and designs. Make sure to choose cloth diapers with high water absorption and good breathability, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of leakage and diaper rash.

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Correct wearing method

The correct wearing method is also very important. If the diaper is not worn properly, it may cause leakage. Make sure the diaper fits the baby's body tightly, but not too tight to avoid affecting the baby's comfort.

Adjust the elastic band: Make sure the elastic band is neither too tight nor too loose, and can firmly fix the diaper.

Check the leg wrap: The leg part of the diaper should fit the baby's legs tightly, but not too tight to prevent blood circulation.

Change regularly: Changing diapers in time can reduce the chance of leakage and prevent diaper rash.

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Ways to prevent diaper rash

Diaper rash is mainly caused by damp diaper and friction. Here are some ways to prevent diaper rash:

Keep it dry: Change diapers regularly to keep your baby's skin dry. Every time you change the diaper, you can wash your baby's butt with warm water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Use diaper cream: Apply a layer of diaper cream on your baby's butt to form a protective barrier and reduce the irritation of urine and feces to the skin.

Choose cloth diapers with good breathability: cloth diapers with good breathability can reduce the accumulation of moisture, thereby reducing the occurrence of diaper rash. Colourful baby cloth diaper suppliers provide highly breathable and absorbent cloth diapers, which are worth recommending.

How to wash and care for cloth diapers

Proper washing and care methods can extend the life of cloth diapers and maintain their absorbency and breathability.

Wash separately: Cloth diapers should be washed separately from other clothes to avoid cross-contamination.

Use mild detergents: Choose mild detergents without fragrances and additives to avoid chemical residues that irritate your baby's skin.

Avoid using softeners: Softeners will affect the water absorption of cloth diapers and are not recommended.

Dry naturally: Try to choose natural drying to extend the life of cloth diapers. If you use a dryer, it is recommended to choose low temperature mode.

With the above tips, you can better use baby cloth diapers and avoid problems such as urine leakage and red buttocks. If you need to wholesale high-quality baby cloth diaper products, please contact Colourful baby cloth diaper suppliers, email:, website:

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