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The Difference between Maternity Sanitary Napkins And Regular Sanitary Napkins

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Many mothers-to-be will find maternity sanitary napkins when preparing their supplies, so do you know what the difference is between maternity sanitary napkins and regular sanitary napkins?

1. What is the difference between sanitary napkins for new mothers and regular sanitary napkins?

Many people do not know that women's wounds are very sensitive and painful after childbirth. Also, the discharge of malodor makes it easier for the mother-to-be to get infected. There is also a maternal fear of covering up the wound. If the sanitary napkins are poorly breathable, they can easily cause wound infections. Many mothers-to-be, without knowing enough about sanitary products, buy regular extended sanitary napkins thinking they can deal with an excessive nightmare. But in fact, this is not the case. There are many differences between maternity sanitary napkins and regular sanitary napkins, apart from their absorbency. This is why mothers are generally advised to use specialized maternity sanitary napkins to achieve better results. Comparatively speaking, maternity sanitary napkins are wider than regular sanitary napkins and can absorb more malodor or secretions. It is also important to note that maternity sanitary napkins are softer, breathable and have antiseptic properties to avoid causing infections.

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2. Are sanitary napkins for pregnant women good?

Maternity sanitary napkins are specially developed for pregnant women during their sensitive skin, special and essential. Generally speaking, maternity sanitary napkins are one of the essential supplies for mothers before and after delivery. Because of the special conditions of a mother's body, she needs to pay special attention to her supplies. Sanitary napkins for new mothers have various characteristics, including the following.

a. Maternity sanitary napkins are professionally sterilized. Maternity sanitary napkins undergo strict quality testing to achieve sterility, and each sanitary napkin is of the same weight. Because the improper use of sanitary napkins after childbirth can easily lead to reproductive tract infections, it is necessary to use quality professional sanitary napkins after childbirth.

b. Maternity sanitary napkins are made of softer materials. Soft sanitary napkins for maternity are developed for the special physiological state of maternity, maternity materials and design fully consider the needs of maternity. Maternity sanitary napkins are softer and more breathable, more suitable for mothers in sensitive periods, and have a certain protective effect on wounds.

c. Maternity sanitary napkins have good water absorption. High-flow maternity sanitary napkins are used to absorb the malodor. After delivery, the amount of malodor is usually high for mothers, especially in the first three days. This is when large maternity sanitary pads are needed after delivery to prevent side leakage.

d. Maternity sanitary napkins are breathable. Because the mother has wounds after childbirth, needs to pay close attention to ventilation. If the ventilation is not good, it will lead to the growth of bacteria and wound infection.

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