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Benefits Of Nursing Pillows

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Nursing pillows are designed to comfortably feed babies, so what exactly do they offer?

1. Support your back during pregnancy

You can also use a nursing pillow for comfort during pregnancy. Especially in the third trimester, when you're struggling with your pregnancy weight, you can use a nursing pillow to support your back.

2. Provide support after caesarean section

If you had a C-section, using a feeding pillow can take pressure off the stitches, it can help heal faster and make nursing less painful.

3. Make sitting breastfeeding easier

Many mothers like to sit and breastfeed their babies. In this position, you need to lift your baby up to breast level so she can latch on properly. A nursing pillow allows you to hold your baby close to your breast so you don't lean forward.

4. Help in bottle feeding

Bottle feeding can strain your arms and neck as you have to hold your little one for long periods of time. To relieve this pain, you can place your baby on a nursing pillow. Other family members, such as dad, grandma or nanny, can also use it to bottle feed your baby.

5. Relieves colic and regurgitation in babies

Many babies experience regurgitation or colic after breastfeeding, and propping your child up on a feeding pillow may help prevent stomach contents from backing up into the mouth.

6. Prevent common nursing problems

Incorrect breastfeeding position can lead to some painful nursing problems. A breastfeeding pillow can help you get a good latch so you can stay away from all these breastfeeding problems.

7. Great for Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for newborns to help strengthen the neck and back muscles and minimize the chances of the flat head syndrome. You can use the nursing pillow as a prop to help your little one move. To use a breastfeeding pillow during tummy time, spread a blanket on the floor and place the pillow on top. Also, place some toys in front of the pillow to attract the baby's attention, then place the baby gently on the pillow from the side of her tummy, with her arms and shoulders propped up on the nursing pillow.

8. Use it as a sitting aid for babies

Once your little one is a bit older, you can use the breastfeeding pillow to support her back and help her sit when she tries to sit up on her own.

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