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Choosing The Best Sleep Products For Your Baby

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Babies spend a lot of time in bed, so it is also important to buy comfortable sleeping products for your baby and create the best sleeping conditions. So how should you choose sleep products for your baby?

1. Baby cot

The safety performance and comfort of the cot are directly related to the healthy growth of the baby. Generally speaking, the height of the guardrail around the baby's cot should be about 60cm, and the gap between the guardrail should not be greater than 6cm. It is best that the cot has a movable side rail, which is convenient for mothers to pick up the baby or connect with the big bed.

2. Baby bedding

The bedding is an important item for the baby to keep warm, and pure cotton fabrics should be used to provide a warm and comfortable sleeping space for the baby. Care should be taken to keep the bedding clean, and the thickness of the quilt should be changed in time with the seasons and indoor temperature changes. If your baby likes to kick the quilt, you can also choose a convenient and practical baby sleeping bag, which not only keeps the baby warm, but also prevents your baby from kicking the quilt.

3. Baby pajamas

The baby's skin is relatively immature, and the baby's pajamas should be made of soft cotton material, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also has good air permeability and absorbs sweat. Newly purchased clothing and supplies should be washed before being worn.

4. Mattress

It is best to use a white or light-colored cotton cloth for the baby's small mattress, so that you can check the color of the baby's urine in time. The mattress should be filled with cotton, because pure cotton has better ventilation and comfort and warmth. Be careful not to put plastic sheeting on the small mattress. On the one hand, it is to prevent the plastic cloth from covering his head when the baby is turned, and on the other hand, it is to prevent the plastic from being airtight, causing the baby to have red buttocks and so on.

5. Pillows

A baby's skull is malleable, and a good pillow can easily change his head shape, make the baby's head sleep too flat, or cause asymmetrical growth of the skull due to the baby's preference for a certain sleeping position. Therefore, choose a softer pillow for your baby, so that the baby can have a more comfortable sleep. But be aware that if the baby's pillow is too large and too soft, it is easy for the baby to bury his head in the prone position and suffocate. Generally speaking, the width of the baby's small pillow should be equal to the length of the head, and the length of the pillow should be the same as his shoulder width, and the height of the small pillow only needs to be 3-4 cm. Because the baby sweats a lot, the material of the pillow should be sweat-absorbing and breathable to prevent the baby from developing prickly heat or small boils.

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