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Is It Safe for Babies To Use A Mattress Protector?

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When choosing the right bedding for your baby, you might consider whether you need a mattress protector. While it's not strictly necessary, given how many messy accidents can happen in your baby's bed, a mattress protector will make cleaning a lot easier and provide some other added benefits, as long as you follow some simple but Very important guidelines, the mattress protector is safe to use on your baby's bed.

1. Keep your mattress clean

For babies who are new to this world, even if you change their diapers frequently, there will always be times when their pee or poo will leak out. When an event like this happens, you don't want those bodily fluids to seep into the mattress, which can get stained and smell bad over time. The mattress protector keeps these fluids above the mattress from seeping in and keeps the smell off baby's head.

mattress protector

2. Easy to clean

Thanks to the protection of the mattress protector, there is no liquid seeping into your mattress, and you will need to do less cleaning on a regular basis. Most mattress protectors are machine washable, so after any mishap, simply wash your mattress protector as you would any other bedding! You also don't need to spot wash the mattress, no need to use baking soda and brushes to clean it. And the cot can be ready again in less time.

3. Helps prevent allergies and bacterial growth

Mattresses are a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens due to the fact that humans lose body moisture and shed loads of dead skin cells throughout the night, which can lead to dust mites and bedbugs! Dust mites live anywhere they can feed on dead skin cells and can exacerbate allergies, causing babies to sneeze, runny nose and, in some cases, shortness of breath. However, a mattress protector can eliminate excessive buildup of dust mites, keeping your baby's sleeping environment clean and healthy.

4. Helps extend the life of the mattress

Even though babies may only sleep in a crib for a few years, you should still take care of crib mattresses to extend their life in case they are needed later. The mattress protector ensures that it stays in top condition for a long time, free from stains and bad smells.

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