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Benefits of Using A Baby Play Mat

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Baby play mats are padded mats that provide your baby with a safe area on the floor. A baby play mat is an area where you and your baby can enjoy each other's company. By doing some simple activities on the baby play mat, your baby can have fun and develop their visual and cognitive skills in the process. At the same time the baby play mat allows your baby to explore the world around them. By playing on it, their brains are absorbing and enriching this important information.

1. Cognitive development

Have you noticed that most baby play mats on the market have bright contrasting colors? This is to help your baby's cognitive development. Bold colors help stimulate baby's brain and help them focus on one object and help them understand the world around them. Your baby will begin to recognize patterns and colors, which stimulates their brain and eyesight. You can lie on the mat and point out the colors and patterns, giving your baby cognitive training while building a strong bond with your baby.

play mat

2. Train your baby's motor ability

A play mat filled with brightly colored and exciting toys creates a lot of fun for your baby, which provides motor development for baby. A play mat with lots of images will motivate your baby to get up and move around. By doing this simple activity, your baby is developing core strength, which is crucial in the early stages of learning to crawl.

3. Visual perception

Babies' vision is blurry at first, and their main focus from birth is 20 -25 cm in front of their face. During the first few months, their eyes develop and begin to work together. Babies' color vision is most easily stimulated by bold and contrasting colors, and the bold colors of the play mat allow them to perceive depth perception, form a three-dimensional view of the world, and see deeper.

4. Language skills

Language ability is a branch of cognitive development. When you spend time interacting with your baby on the play mat and teaching your baby to explore the mat, you teach your baby to communicate two-way and improve their language skills.

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