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4 Tips To Teach You How To Train The Dog To Sleep on Dog Mats

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Ever since I raised a dog, every night I fell asleep and felt like I was being held down by something. When I woke up, I saw that the dog was not squeezing to sleep behind his back, or he was sleeping with his head on his lap. . Although many times dog owners don't mind letting their dogs sleep in the dog bed, if the dog is used to sleeping in the bed, it will be more difficult to get rid of it.

But chasing the dog down, sleeping for a while, the dog will still crawl into the bed quietly, I believe many owners are more worried about how to let the dog go to the pet beds obediently. Try the following tricks.

First of all, training the dog to sleep in the dog bed starts with the puppies. When the dog comes back from playing outside, or when he is full to sleep, the owner can lead it to the dog bed or the dog cage. But if your dog is a large dog, then you can buy a large cage directly when the dog is still a puppy. But in the early training, you can block most of the space with things. Just leave it with just enough space.

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Secondly, if the dog does not want to go in, the owner can push it in with his hands while issuing a serious command. If it is not sleeping in it, the owner can stylishly stay beside the pet bed for a while and wait for the dog to fall asleep. If the dog goes to bed obediently, the owner can praise it softly or stroke the dog’s neck. However, use snack rewards sparingly, because at this time the dog has something to eat and may not want to sleep.

Then, if the dog always wants to go to bed with the owner, he won't listen to it. The owner can take the dog bed to the bed and let the dog sleep on it, and then slowly move the dog bed to the ground after the dog gets used to sleeping in the dog bed. After the dog got used to the smell of the dog bed, he stopped climbing the bed actively.

Finally, if the dog is found sleeping in another place, the owner immediately issues a command to ask the dog to go back to his place to sleep. After such training for a period of time, the dog formed a conditioned reflex and consciously entered the dog bed when he wanted to sleep.

If you want a dog to do something or get used to something, the best way is to give him a feeling that the owner will like it and will be rewarded. Over time, the dog gets used to this, instead of forcing it to do something.

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