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Why Is Muslin Fabric Great For Babies?

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Muslin is an extremely fine and loosely woven cotton fabric. There are muslins in the market in a variety of sizes, weights, finishes, and colors. The earliest muslin cloth was handwoven in India and was extremely popular in trade with European countries. Over the years, muslin cloth has become a popular fabric for its soft, light, and pure feel and texture.

Muslin is widely used in baby products. Your baby's skin is much more delicate and sensitive than your own, so they need gentle fabrics. Babies have a 30% thinner skin barrier than adults, making it harder for them to adapt to temperature changes. Your baby's skin also loses moisture twice as fast, so it can easily become dry and flaky. That's why your baby's skin needs the best care and the gentlest fabrics.

1. Due to the way it is woven open, muslin cloth is a very lightweight and breathable fabric that will help keep your baby snug and warm while allowing air to flow freely preventing any possibility of overheating. That's why muslin is the safest choice for baby blankets and baby swaddles.

2. The muslin fabric is super soft on baby's delicate skin, making your baby feel cozy, pampered and warm!

3. Muslin is also a flexible fabric that stretches gently to conform to your baby's shape for maximum comfort. Your baby will sleep longer and sleep better when they are snuggled up comfortably in the muslin swaddle blanket.

4. Muslin is an extremely durable fabric that gets softer with each wash.

5. Organic muslin cloth is free of chemicals and harmful substances, 100% safe for your baby's skin, and sustainable and environmentally friendly.

6. Muslin can be used in many different ways. After using it as a baby swaddle, you can even use it as a cleaning cloth, nursing cover, changing mat, or crib sheet.

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