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What You Should Know About Nursing Pads

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Nursing pads are an indispensable item for breastfeeding mothers. So today we will take a detailed look at what you should know about breastfeeding pads.

1. What are nursing pads?

The nursing pad absorbs milk that may leak between feedings. You can wear them inside your bra to keep your bra dry and keep milk away from your clothes. Nursing pads come in different styles, shapes and sizes, and they can be disposable or reusable. Whichever style you choose to wear, make sure they are contoured against your body. When purchasing, choose a nursing pad that is soft, absorbent, and allows the breasts to breathe.

2. Why do you need nursing pads?

When you choose to breastfeed, you need to be prepared for your breasts to leak milk between feeds. When your baby is breastfeeding on one breast, the other breast will leak milk because your let-off reflex is happening in both breasts at the same time. It takes a while for your breast milk to adjust, so wear a nursing pad for at least a few months. It's important to keep the nipples as dry as possible to avoid irritation or yeast infection. This means that even if you use breast pads, they will need to be replaced frequently when wet.

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3. Choose disposable nursing pads or reusable nursing pads?

Generally, nursing pads are available in either disposable or reusable options. So which is the best option for you?

a. Disposable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads are made of thin absorbent material, similar to sanitary napkins, with varying degrees of absorbency. They usually have an adhesive back that sticks them to your bra, which hinders breathability. When they get wet, just toss them in the trash and put in new ones. Many disposable nursing pads contain absorbent chemicals that you apply directly to your skin. They also lack the ability to circulate air, which can lead to discomfort and trapped moisture in your chest. Udder infections can happen easily in wet environments, so if you leak a lot, you'll need more disposable nursing pads and changing them often.

b. Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are cloth pads, some with a breathable leak-proof layer, that fit inside your bra. Because they're made from natural fibers, cloth nursing pads provide better air circulation, which is necessary to aid in the healing process of sore nipples. These pads are easy to wash and dry and can be reused. By reusing nursing pads instead of throwing them in the trash, you're not only helping the environment, but you're also saving money.

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