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What You Need To Know about Diaper Liners

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A good reusable diaper liner is essential in every cloth diaper kit for a variety of reasons. Cloth diaper liners are simply a single or double layer of material added to your child's cloth diapers to make solid waste easier to clean up. They are also a great way to protect diapers from stains and cloth diaper creams that are not suitable for reusable diaper fibres and fabrics. There are several types of liner available, so what do you need to know about diaper liners?

1. Difference between diaper inserts and diaper liners

When you start using cloth diapers it’s important to note that cloth diaper liners are different from cloth diaper inserts. Liners for reusable diapers are thin pieces of fabric or mesh that are not meant to absorb any liquid. Properly designed liners are meant to let liquid seep through while retaining solid substances such as poop and diaper ointments on top. This applies to both reusable and single use diaper liners.

On the contrary, reusable diaper inserts are meant to absorb and hold liquid in. There are so many types that work in a wide variety of scenarios. Inserts are added to diapers to increase the diaper’s overall absorbency.


2. The difference between disposable and reusable liners

Reusable or washable cloth diaper liners are usually made from a single or double layer of fabric and can be washed with the cloth diaper many times without falling apart. Reusable liners are designed to last until your baby is potty trained and are most commonly made from some type of fleece material.

Disposable liners for cloth diapers are a thin fabric-like mesh that you can place between the diaper and your baby to collect solid waste. They are very thin and act as a barrier to protect your diaper from unsafe diaper ointments and creams.

3. Can you flush biodegradable diaper liners?

Many brands say their disposable diaper liners are flushable. However, we recommend that disposable liners and 'flushable' liners should be disposed of in the rubbish every time. You can certainly flush them without an immediate blockage, but if you want to avoid problems with your plumbing system, we strongly recommend that you stop this habit immediately.

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