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What Are Burp Cloths Used For?

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Burp clothsare one of those baby essentials. It is used for swabbing our little ones as they have a tendency to spit up, usually when they burp.

There are two things we should consider when purchasing these burp cloths. The first is that the quality of the burp cloth should be soft enough for our baby's delicate skin. Second, it should provide strong protection for the person who burps the baby. Instead, we should be looking for soft, absorbent burp cloths.

1. How to use a burp cloth

Before picking up your baby to burp, you can put a burp cloth on your shoulders to let your baby absorb the spit-up. The fabric should be placed in such a way that it covers the entire shoulder horizontally and runs vertically across the front and back of the shoulder.

burp cloths (2)

2. How long can I use the burp cloths for my baby

You can use burp suits for about six to nine months as long as you burp your baby. Once your baby learns to sit or move around, there is no need for burping, and no need for a burp cloth.

3. How to choose a burp cloth

With all the different burp cloths on the market, how do you go about shopping for the right one?

First of all, you should try on a burp cloth before buying to see if it is comfortable for you to use. It can't be so slippery that it doesn't sit on your shoulders, nor so thick that it makes you sweat or feel itchy.

Choose a fabric made of cotton or another soft material that won't hurt your baby's delicate skin when it comes in contact with his face.

The fabric needs to be absorbent so that all the drool sinks into it without rolling off your shoulders.

The burp cloth should be large enough to fit over your shoulders, front and back. When you're holding your baby, you can't predict where he's going to throw up. So a bigger cloth will be able to cover it wherever he spits up.

Burp cloths should be reusable, and they should also be able to withstand regular and quick cleanings. After washing, they need to dry quickly in all weather conditions.

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