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Tips for Swaddling Your Baby

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Most babies are swaddled during the first few weeks of life. They can help your baby fall asleep and reduce crying and stress, but there are risks when using them.

1. What is swaddling?

Swaddling involves gently wrapping a baby in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and sleepy. Swaddling should only wrap the baby's body and not the neck or head to reduce the chance of the baby suffocating. Swaddling your baby will make them feel comfortable and secure, just like being in your womb.

2. What are the benefits of swaddling a baby?

Some say swaddling can help babies settle down more easily and sleep longer. Studies have shown that swaddling used with sounds and movements is effective in soothing crying babies, and it can also encourage deeper and longer sleep. Another study found that babies who were born prematurely and swaddled were calmer, had improved neuromuscular development, had better muscle tone, and experienced less pain and discomfort.

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3. Is swaddling a baby safe?

The risk to your baby from swaddling is very low if you follow the safe swaddling instructions. Sleeping advice for babies is to always put your baby to sleep on their back and avoid sleeping on their front or side, especially if your baby is swaddled. You should stop swaddling your baby when they show signs of rolling over on their own.

4. What safety issues should be considered when using swaddling?

Your baby's body temperature and their environment should be considered when swaddling to prevent overheating. Check their temperature regularly and do not swaddle them if they are unwell or have a fever. Wrap your baby in a thin material, such as a scrim or muslin square. Do not place any extra items on swaddled babies, such as blankets, that could cause them to overheat. Do not swaddle your baby past their shoulders, and their neck and head should never be swaddled. Make sure any material is secure and does not come loose with your baby's movements to avoid choking. Always put your baby to sleep on their back and never put a swaddled baby to sleep on their front or side. Before using a swaddling product or blanket, check that it meets safety standards and fits well. If someone else is caring for your baby, make sure they also know safe sleep advice and how to swaddle safely.

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