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Tips For Keeping Your Baby Cool At Night

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It's important to keep your baby cool and comfortable in hot weather. Too hot can be bad for your baby's sleep, and they can quickly become irritable and possibly even heatstroke. So what should you do to keep your baby as cool as possible in hot weather?

1. Avoid placing your baby's bassinet or crib in direct sunlight. Remember to close the curtains on sunny days to help keep the heat out. It would be nice to opt for blackout curtains. But remember that if the crib is near a window, make sure there are no accessible cords around the curtains to avoid entangling the baby.

2. You can also install an awning on the window of the baby's room so that the sun does not shine into the room.

3. Install a ceiling fan in hot weather to keep the air circulating and reduce the feeling of stuffiness.

4. Choose a crib mattress with a cooling feel or a more natural, breathable fabric to avoid overheating the surface.

5. Use baby sheets with moisture-wicking fibers that absorb and evaporate excess moisture to help provide a cool, dry sleeping surface.

6. Lightweight loose pajamas made of breathable materials like cotton or other natural fibers will help keep the baby cool.

7. If you use the air conditioner in summer, be sure to replace and clean the air filter regularly, which also helps to reduce the accumulation of dust, mites, etc.

Hot weather always makes babies uncomfortable. In order to make babies more comfortable, it is very important to provide them with a cool environment.

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