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The Color Matching Of The Curtains

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Curtains are an indispensable element in the decoration of new houses, and the right ones can make the room look more quality and style. Today we will talk about the color matching of the curtains at home.

1. The curtain color is similar to the wall color

Choose a curtain color that is similar to the wall color, the whole room will be harmonious and unified, and you can also make the windows look bigger. For example, the white walls are matched with apricot curtains to create a simple and elegant space, which is not visually cumbersome at all, and it feels very gentle. Or the white walls are matched with white curtains or gauze curtains, the room is brighter, and when a breeze hits, the curtains are flowing, and the bedroom immediately has a fresh style. If your wall is dark gray or dark blue, it is suitable for matching with similar dark gray curtains, the interior space will appear calm and magnificent, much like the color of the business people's home in Korean dramas. And if it is a pink wall with pink curtains, it is full of girlishness, and it is a match that is not easy to make mistakes.

curtains (2)

2. The color of the curtain is consistent with the overall tone of the space

When choosing curtains, you have to choose a color that is similar to the secondary tone. The secondary tone means the second tone that you can notice in addition to the large patches of color on the walls and floor of your home. Secondary colors generally come from small and medium-sized objects with eye-catching colors, such as coffee tables, carpets, desk lamps, cushions or other decorative objects. For example, the wooden floor and furniture in the study are all light brown, and the beige color is similar to that of the study, which is not abrupt at all, and blends perfectly with the temperament of the space. If you use a lot of blue in your bedroom, the wallpaper, bedding and headboards are all shades of blue, and the light blue curtains of the same color will give you a blue dream. If the main body of your hall is elegant beige, curtains and sofas of the same color will bring the home space to life in detail.

3. Refer to the overall decoration style

Different homes will have different decoration styles. If your room is decorated in a simple modern style, a modern light luxury style or a new Chinese style, the color of the curtains is the first choice when the solid color is used. It is versatile and not easy to make mistakes. For example, the modern light luxury style is suitable for gray and brown curtains, with a warm neutral color, which will make the whole space softer and more textured.

Now do you know how to match the curtains with your home styles?

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