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The Best Materials for Baby Pillows And Blankets

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For newborn babies, it is very important to choose comfortable bedding for them so that they can have a good night's sleep. Getting your baby a good night's sleep not only helps them grow but also helps you get much-needed rest. Depending on your baby's age, you'll need swaddles, crib sheets, baby blankets and pillows, and more. So if you need to buy baby pillows and baby blankets for your baby, do you know what material is the best choice?

1. Best material for baby blanket

When it comes to baby bedding, the softer and more breathable the better. Whether you choose a waffle weave or cloud quilting, a cotton baby blanket is a good choice because the natural fabric allows air to pass through. Linen is also known for being extremely breathable, and linen fabrics get softer with each wash. But perhaps the softest, snuggest option is cashmere, which is woven from fibers found in cashmere goat's underwool.

As for crib sheets, super-soft brushed cotton, increasingly soft linens, cool-to-the-touch percale, and anything else made from long-staple cotton are excellent choices.

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2. The best material used for baby pillow

As with blankets, breathability is key for pillows. You can opt for hypoallergenic materials like down-alternative fill with a lightweight cotton shell. While quilted linen, moiré cotton, and standard weave cotton are great choices for pillowcases or shams. Keep in mind, though, that soft baby pillows are best reserved for children over the age of two, as softness can be a safety hazard. When you're using a pillow for your baby for the first time, it may be wise to choose a pillow that's a little firmer.

Now that you know which fabrics are best for baby's delicate skin, you can choose the best baby pillows and blankets for your little one so they can sleep comfortably.

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