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The Basic Features of Breastfeeding Pillow

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For novice mothers, it is also very important to keep your baby in a good breastfeeding position that is comfortable for both of you. For better breastfeeding, you can use a nursing pillow. You can place the nursing pillow on your lap and wrap around your body, providing a stable and comfortable surface for your newborn to rest on your breast. They also take pressure off your neck, arms and back, which helps make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable for you and your baby. So what features should you look out for when buying a nursing pillow?

1. Size

Make sure the nursing pillow is neither too big nor too small and that it fits you. If the nursing pillow is too large, it may slip and your baby may have difficulty latching on. But if it's too small, there may be a gap between your thighs and the pillow, which can cause the pillow to slide off under your baby's weight.

2. Shape

Nursing pillows come in different shapes, each with their own characteristics and uses, choose the one that suits you best.

3. Adjustable

The adjustable breastfeeding pillow will make it more convenient for you to use, and you can adjust it to get the best fit.

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4. Washable

Make sure the nursing pillow is super easy to clean, waterproof and doesn't retain odours. Even better if the nursing pillow cover is removable and washable. You can take them down for cleaning at any time, which is very convenient and fast.

5. Firmness

Make sure the nursing pillow is firm to begin with and will stay firm. You will use a nursing pillow for at least the first six months, until your baby has full control of her head.

6. Multipurpose

Choose a pillow that can be used for different purposes, which saves you the hassle of having to buy a variety of pillows for different purposes.

Breastfeeding becomes easier when you have a properly fitted nursing pillow.

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