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Packing Tips for Diaper Bags

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When you're out and about with your baby, you need a well-stocked diaper bag with all the essentials you need to keep your baby happy, clean and dry. So when you're ready to pack your diaper bag, what should you do?

1. Why you might need a diaper bag

You may be considering whether you need a diaper bag as you can use a rucksack or carrier you already have at home, but if you are looking for something more suitable, a diaper bag specifically designed for your baby is the best option. Many diaper bags include extra features such as changing pads or cooler bags to help keep breast milk or baby food cold while you're on the go. And, with some diaper bags, you don't even need to carry a separate handbag or purse as there is a pouch for your phone, wallet and keys. As far as looks are concerned, some diaper bags are designed as plain backpacks or totes with a modern neutral design, while others come in a number of sweet patterns or shades and you have a variety to choose from. Having everything at your fingertips with a diaper bag will make your travels with your child much easier. Of course, the way you organize your diaper bag will also vary.

diaper bag

2. How do you pack a diaper bag?

Packing a diaper bag requires a strategy. Organization is key, especially if you need something quick, such as a burp cloth for when your baby spits up, or a baby's pacifier. So what tips are there for you?

●Organize by category. Put things in the right places so you know where to find them. If your diaper bag has pockets and compartments, decide what you will put where and always keep these items in a fixed place. If you are using a bag that does not have many compartments, use smaller bags, such as clear resealable plastic bags, to pack items from different categories together. For example, bottles and pacifiers in one bag and diaper changing supplies in another.

●Dispense bottles. If you are using the formula for formula feeding, measure out the formula and water and store them separately so that they can be mixed when your baby is ready to feed. If you are using bottled breast milk, keep the appropriate amount in a cooler.

●Prevent leaks. No matter how well you pack your baby's milk, your own water bottle or baby sunscreen, leaks are inevitable. The best thing to do is to pack these potentially leaking items separately in a resealable plastic bag, so that if a leak does occur, it will only leak in the bag and not everything in the diaper bag.

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