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Introduction to Moses Basket

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You may have heard of Moses baskets, they are designed for newborn babies to sleep in during their first few months. The name Moses Basket comes from the story of Moses in the Bible. Newborn babies typically use a Moses basket until they are about three to four months old, depending on the child's weight and mobility. Once the baby starts to move on his own, he no longer needs the Moses basket, therefore, the Moses basket has a short lifespan. The main advantage of the Moses basket is its handle, a feature that allows parents to move the basket around.

1. How long can you use the Moses Basket?

Moses baskets are only for newborns and should only be used until your baby is about three to four months old. By the time your baby reaches 4 months, you will notice that they start to grow heavier and more alert, which means your baby can no longer sleep in the Moses basket. At this time you need to change him into a crib.

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2. The Safety of the Basket of Moses

When placing your baby in the Moses basket, make sure they are in a secure position by placing their feet on the end of the Moses basket.

The mattress in the Moses basket is also very important. To prevent accidental death of infant and protect baby's health, it is important that Moses Basket Mattress is firm, completely flat, waterproof, with no soft or cushioned areas, especially on baby's head. The surface of the mattress should be firm enough that your baby's head won't sink when they're placed on it.

3. What else is needed besides the Moses basket?

If you've decided to use a Moses basket, what else do you need? First, you must make sure you have a firm, clean mattress to use for your Moses basket. At the same time, suitable and comfortable bedding is also indispensable. Get your baby a cozy Moses basket for extra comfort in the first few months.

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