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How to choose the best changing pad?

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Many parents use a towel or muslin as a changing pad when changing their baby. But a dedicated changing pad is a safer and more convenient option. You can find a wide variety of changing pads in the market. These pads are usually very affordable and are made with soft fabrics that are great for protecting your baby's skin. You can choose the best baby changing mat according to your needs.

1. Different kinds of changing mats

a. Changing pads with raised edges

These pads are rectangular with a flat area for your baby's back and two or three raised sides that wrap around your baby and hold them in place. Some raised-edged changing pads have sturdy edges on the head, and their main purpose is to keep babies safe and prevent them from falling.

changing pad

b. Anti-reflux changing pad

The changing pads are specially designed to tilt baby's upper body in addition to the raised edges to protect baby as they move around while keeping them from rolling off the pad.

c. Travel Changing Pad

If you travel a lot, you may find that a travel changing mat is just right for you! These pads are thinner than usual changing pads and can be easily folded up to fit in a bag. They're not great for everyday use though due to the lack of support, but they're a good compromise when you're out and about!

2. Choose the right material for your changing pad

The baby changing mat is made from a variety of materials, each carefully selected not to irritate baby's sensitive skin. Most commonly changing pads have a foam core with a waterproof cover or PVC coating for easy cleaning. Thicker material helps prevent baby from getting hurt by the end of the mat when kicking. There is also a new generation of changing mats made of plant fibers that are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and comfortable. It is also a good choice if you want to choose a comfortable changing pad for your baby.

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