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How To Use Dog Diapers

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Although diapers are not necessarily needed for pets, they are needed for some dogs with special conditions.

1. Why use dog diapers?

● Dog training diapers

Many new pet parents rely on dog diapers as a home training option, but you should also be aware that dog diapers are not a substitute for traditional home training. Your dog should still learn where they really should be by going on regular, non-diapered trips outdoors.

● Incontinence diapers

Even well-trained dogs can become incontinent as they get older and dog diapers can help avoid accidents between trips out.

●Diapers for dogs in heat

If your bitch is in heat, dog diapers can prevent urine and blood-tinged discharge from making a mess in the house.

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2. Types of dog diapers

● Belly band diapers

If your male dog is incontinent, belly band diapers can help to prevent your floors and furniture from being damaged by dog bottles. These dog diapers are tied around the waist rather than covering the dog's entire hindquarters.

● Full-coverage diapers

Apart from having a tail hole, full-coverage diapers look just like human diapers. They fit snugly around your dog's hindquarters and are suitable for both male and female dogs.

● Disposable diapers vs washable diapers

Washable diapers may appeal to pet owners who are particularly environmentally conscious. They are also a sensible and cost-saving option if your dog is chronically incontinent. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, may be more suitable for house-training new puppies.

3. Use dog diapers properly

Different dog diapers may vary in size and absorbency. When buying dog diapers make sure your dog's nappy fits well and is effective. Ensure that diapers are changed frequently to avoid discomfort and bacterial infection in your dog. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after a nappy change. If your dog does not have a tail, make sure you tape or sew the tail hole of the nappy to avoid leakage.

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