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How To Clean Curtains?

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Curtains are in our homes. Of course, curtains also need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean, but the cleaning of curtains is not so easy. Do you know how to clean curtains?

1. Read instructions on the label

Take a look at the little tag prior to getting started because it may contain warnings such as “dry-clean only" or "hand-wash only”. If you fail to follow these instructions, serious damage could ensue, and the merchant will definitely not hold responsibility for your mistake.

2. Do a spot test

If you plan to use a washing machine, pour some of the detergents on the swatch or a small inconspicuous part of the curtains (such as the back or the bottom) to see if it’s compatible with your detergent, and then let the spot dry completely so you can see the end results prior to washing full panels.

3. Prepare curtains for the washing machine

If using the washing machine is not prohibited according to the label, before you put your curtains in the machine, you still need to get some things done. First, you need to take off all of the hardware if you are able to do that. This will protect both your curtains and the washing machine when the machine is working. Second, shake off as much dust as you can and then vacuum the surrounding areas. Mobile and lightweight cleaning systems are recommended and you might also need other tools such as a ladder so that you have the access to the top of your curtains. Shake the curtains hard from somewhere near the pole or rod when you are on the ladder. You can use a soft brush attachment to get rid of stubborn dust and dirt and vacuum regularly to prevent them from accumulating.

4. Use cold or cool water

You probably need to avoid using high heat settings or strong detergent unless the label tells you to do that. Bear in mind that conditions are better kept “delicate”. In addition, try not to mix other things with your curtains in the washing machine.

5. Dry your curtains

It’s a good idea to use a dryer after the curtains have been washed if the instructions on the label do not prevent you from doing that. It would be better to hang curtains outside. Due to allergies or lack of a clothesline, you might still dry your curtains inside. If that is the case, you could use towels to absorb dripping water. If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, you may want to place things like plastic garbage bags under the towels to avoid damage caused by water.

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