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How To Clean A Lampshade

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The lamp is perfect for providing a calming ambience to any room, especially bedrooms, studies and libraries. Choosing a lampshade for your lamp is also a good choice, of course you also need to clean your lampshade frequently to keep it clean. So how should you clean your lampshade?

1. Dry cleaning lampshade

Start by vacuuming up any cobwebs, dust, and grime in the small corners of the lampshade. Then use a lint roller, soft brush, or dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe any dust off the shade. Then vacuum up the loosened dirt again until the shade is visibly cleaner than before. This dry cleaning method is the best way to clean paper lampshades as paper lampshades cannot be washed or wetted. But for lampshades made of fabric, glass, etc., you can choose the cleaning method of dry cleaning and then washing.


2. Washable lampshade

If your lampshades are made of fabric, plastic, glass or resin then you can clean them with some soap and water. First use laundry detergent to make a soapy water solution, and gently wipe the lampshade with the soapy liquid. Use a soft brush to dip soapy water into the fibers of the fabric lampshade. If the surface of the lampshade is smooth, wipe the lampshade clean with a soft cloth. Then rinse the lampshade until the soap scum is completely gone, then dry the lampshade completely with a clean towel.

3. Dry the lampshade

Make sure to dry the lampshade before putting it back in the socket. For shades with a smooth finish, the entire shade can be towel dried. However, the fabric shade needs to be air dried or dried in the sun before being put back on the base.

The above is the general method of cleaning the lampshade, but it should be noted that the lampshade is made of different materials, so when choosing a cleaning agent, pay attention to choosing a suitable detergent.

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