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How To Choose A Maternity Pad

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We know that it takes time to "get back to normal" after childbirth. Vaginal discharge in particular can affect all new mothers, so postnatal underwear pads can help you cope with postnatal bleeding and discharge as much as possible. But with so many different types of maternity pads available, how do you choose the best maternity pads for you?

1. Size and absorbency

The size and level of absorbency of the maternity pads you choose depend on the amount of bleeding and discharge, which is influenced by various personal factors and the stage you are in. In particular, heavy bleeding and discharge at the beginning of labor require a more absorbent sanitary pad. They can be replaced later on depending on the situation.

2. Anti-allergic materials

The choice of maternity pad material is important for your comfort: a good maternity pad should be made of hypoallergenic materials that are friendly to the delicate vaginal area, which helps prevent infection or irritation. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo allow the skin to breathe and are therefore preferred.

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3. Disposable or washable pads

Maternity pads can be disposable or washable. Washable pads are not only environmentally friendly but also very gentle on the skin as they are made from natural fibres, 100% cotton or bamboo.

4. Choose classic maternity pads or underwear-type maternity pads

There are two main types of absorbent postnatal pads on the market: the first resembles the shape of a classic sanitary napkin. The second type is briefs made of stretchy mesh or absorbent material. They fit like pants but are essentially absorbent. For the first few weeks, it may be more comfortable to use absorbent maternity panties rather than a pad. The mesh maternity panties are particularly suitable for use after a cesarean section and the breathable design promotes scar healing.