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Do Babies Need Comforters?

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Many parents wonder if a cozy blanket or toy can help their baby sleep better and feel more secure. In fact, for many babies, they are very useful indeed. Cozy blankets and toys are known as transition items, and they're great for helping babies and toddlers transition from waking to sleeping. Plus, they help children feel more secure when separated from their parents. A baby comforter helps them feel safe, calm and happy, so no matter how dirty and shabby it looks, it will be great company for baby. When your baby is on the comforter, it's a sign that your baby has a comfort object because it shows they're learning how to cope with independence.

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About half of all babies and toddlers have their own comforter, and most babies can pick and choose their own items between 6 and 12 months of age, when their need for a comforter is greatest. Some parents are right to worry that placing a comfort item in a crib might be dangerous. Children should never be left unsupervised with anything with ribbons or cords, or any toy with parts that could be chewed or sucked off and cause choking. And regardless of the item, remove it from the crib while the baby is fast asleep.

In addition, you may worry that your baby will lose the baby comforter, which can lead to restlessness. It can be very frustrating for babies to lose their usual comforter or leave it somewhere. For this reason, if you notice that your child is developing an attachment to a particular object, you should have your baby try another of the same objects so that they wear evenly so that one can be cleaned while the other is being used, and if one gets lost Yes, you can also have another backup.

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