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Baby Crib Bumper Use Safety tips

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Crib bumpers are one of the most well-known baby accessories and are the choice of many parents. But there's been debate about whether they actually keep babies safe. Anyway, these crib bumpers came after parents discovered that the slats in traditional cribs were harmful to babies. The slats in a traditional crib are wide enough to catch part of the baby's body and potentially cause suffocation. Crib manufacturers around the world are now required to place the slats close enough that no part of the baby's body is caught between the slats. However, even though manufacturers have changed this, many parents are still buying crib bumpers for their babies.

If you must buy crib bumpers for your baby, here are some points you can pay attention to.

crib bumper

Crib bumpers these days are basically made of mesh fabric that prevents babies from pushing any part of their body out of the crib. So if the baby's face is pushed up by the crib bumper, there is no suffocation as the fabric is made of breathable material. In fact, the fabric is so thin and porous that it allows air to circulate, an important aspect of SIDS prevention. So, be sure to check the material before buying a crib surround. You should choose breathable materials that allow air to pass through. You can test by putting the material on your face first and breathing on it, if you can breathe very easily, your baby is more likely to be able to, too.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you should choose crib bumpers that don't need to be strapped down. Crib bumpers that are strapped together can pose a potential threat of strangulation and suffocation for your baby. Other than that, make sure it's the right size for the crib. If it's too long or too wide, your baby could end up getting tangled in it. When you buy a suitable crib bumper for your baby, you reduce the risk of your baby being in danger.

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