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Are Wall Stickers Safe for Children?

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Decorating a beautiful bedroom for a newborn can nurture a baby's tiny imagination and create sweet dreams for them. Wall stickers are a great way to decorate your child's room or nursery, and they can transform a room quickly. However, most companies use vinyl to produce wall stickers, and this type of wall sticker can have an impact on the safety of babies. Today's marketed stickers made from fabric or wood adhesives are a safe alternative.

1. Fabric Wall Stickers

Fabric wall stickers are a great non-toxic option for wall stickers, they are made from a patented bonded fabric that is free of vinyl, PVC, BPA and phthalates. In addition to being non-toxic, they are also biodegradable after disposal. Fabric wall stickers can be removed and repositioned over and over again without losing their adhesion. This means you can easily move them to another wall, another room, or even another house! With fabric stickers, if you don't get them right first time, simply peel them off the wall and reapply them - it's as simple as that.

wall stickers

2. Wooden wall stickers

Wood wall stickers are a biodegradable sticker, unlike traditional stickers, wood stickers are completely biodegradable! Vinyl stickers are extremely toxic when manufactured and even more toxic when consumed. When vinyl stickers break down, they leave behind tiny plastic particles that end up polluting our land and waterways. Whereas when wood stickers break down, they leave behind only fully biodegradable wood. They last as long as traditional stickers. They can be used indefinitely indoors. And they are removable and reusable, unlike vinyl wall stickers, which, although removable, are overwhelmingly disposable as they have to be scraped off the wall.

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