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Are Baby Loungers Safe?

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A baby lounger is a cushion or nest that hugs and supports your baby. It soothes and relaxes your baby while allowing you to multitask or just take a break. Caring for a baby is a lot of work, and if you need to do other chores around the house, or just want a break from holding your newborn all the time, then you'll need a baby lounger to help. You can also place a playhouse above the lounger to stimulate baby's visual exploration.

1. Is the baby lounger safe?

Baby loungers are safe to use as long as the baby is closely supervised and kept awake. Recliners should also be placed on the floor rather than on a bed or table to avoid the recliner tipping over. Rolling over, falling asleep, and even falling to the floor are major hazards of baby loungers. If a baby rolls over on their stomach without supervision, he may not be able to roll over to face up. A child who can roll over on the floor is not necessarily able to roll over in a baby recliner. Insufficient neck strength also puts them at risk of suffocation when trapped face-down on a soft surface. Because it's impossible to predict when your baby will roll over for the first time, it's essential to keep an eye on them while using the recliner.

2. What if your baby falls asleep in the recliner?

One of the main benefits of baby loungers is that they calm and make little ones feel comfortable. But they can also lull babies to sleep, especially since newborns are often primed to doze off. If your baby has fallen asleep in the baby recliner, in which case you need to move the baby for their safety, you should take them out and move them to a firm sleeping surface such as a cot or bassinet.

3. How to use the baby recliner safely

To use your baby recliner safely, it is important to supervise your baby at all times, which means you need to be with them at all times when they are lying in the recliner. Even a trip to the bathroom puts your baby at risk, as the baby can suffocate in just a few minutes. If you are sleep deprived and you are in danger of falling asleep, you should place your baby in a crib, bassinet or playground, not in a baby recliner. You can also simply tell your baby about your life, about whatever you are doing, make eye contact and make sure they are safe. The key is that you keep your baby within your sight at all times.

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