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Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Changing Pad

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For a newborn baby, you need to prepare a lot of supplies for him, and the baby changing pad is also an indispensable item, so what should you consider when buying a baby changing pad?

1. Raised sides

A good changing pad should have raised sides, this may not be as useful in the first few months of baby's life, but once they learn how to roll, they wiggle and move a lot and it's hard to keep them in place s position. In this case, the bumps on the sides prevent the baby from rolling and falling. This means an extra layer of security for your baby. You'll also have both hands free to tackle the mess without the stress of holding baby still.

2. Non-slip bottom.

Your diaper changing mat shouldn't be slippery. Otherwise, it will move with you or your baby, which increases the risk of your baby falling.

changing pad

3. Waterproof

Babies will often urinate and poo while you're changing their diapers, so you have to be prepared for that. If your changing pad isn't waterproof, it will absorb all the urine and poo, which means you'll have to scrub and deep clean the pad more often. Plus, if your changing pad isn't waterproof, it'll just make changing diapers more messy. When pee or poop oozes from the pad itself, it can easily spread to your baby's legs and you'll have to bathe your baby.

4. Easy to clean

For weary parents, convenience is important. Therefore, you should choose an easy-to-clean diaper changing mat. If it's not easy to clean, then it's only going to make you mess up more. Usually, you'll want to look for a reliable material, such as foam or vinyl. These materials resist the absorption of poo and urine. So all you have to do is give the mat a good wipe and spray with your sanitizer.

5. Contoured and good cushioning

For babies, comfort is also key. If your baby is uncomfortable even during a diaper change, they will be fussy and scream and cry. The diaper changing pad is well cushioned and conforms to the contours of their body, so you can keep your baby comfortable while changing diapers.

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