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How To Use Muslin?

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Muslin is a familiar item for moms. But for you who are about to become a mother, is it still quite strange? In fact, this is about to be one of the items you'll be in constant contact with as a mom, so let's take a look at some of the uses for muslin.

1. As a swaddle

If your muslin is large enough, you can use it as a baby swaddle to wrap your baby in. Babies like to be swaddled tightly because it reminds them of how secure they felt in the womb.

2. Winding

When you wind your baby, you usually have them up on your shoulder. But here is a problem is that the baby may spit up on your shoulder. If you don’t want your baby spit-up all down your shoulder and back and make your clothes dirty, you can drape a muslin over your shoulder to protect your clothes.

3. Feeding

Whether you choose breast milk or a bottle, a muslin is a must for breastfeeding! If you're breastfeeding outside, you can use it to catch spills, wipe up excess milk and provide concealed coverage.

4. Cleaning

Made from soft sustainable bamboo, the muslin cloth is perfect for cleaning baby's soft skin. You can use them to wipe baby's delicate skin without hurting their skin.

5. Changing

We know most baby wipes aren't as eco-friendly as we'd like them to be, and they're also more expensive. Instead of buying baby wipes, keeping a few pre-soaked muslin cloths in the waterproof pocket of your diaper bag will make cleanup easier, and the cloth can be washed and used over and over again, which will not only help you save money, It is also a more environmentally friendly way.

Of course, in addition to the above uses, muslin cloth also has some other good uses, and you can make better use of them.