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Features Of Common Fabrics For Cushions

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Cushion is a kind of decoration that we often see in our daily life. Sofas, desks, chairs, and cars can all be decorated with cushions, which are also very practical. So do you know what are the common cushion fabrics? What are the features of these fabrics?

1. 2way (2wt) fabric

This fabric is currently the best original cushion fabric. The surface of this fabric is very delicate, the hand feels smooth and delicate, the fabric is slightly cool, and it feels very comfortable. This kind of fabric has an excellent printing effect and super high reduction degree, with beautiful color and shiny surface. In other respects, this fabric is very elastic, does not wrinkle easily, and is easy to clean.

2. Crystal velvet

This kind of fabric is also called natural velvet, short plush, and long plush.

The surface pile of this fabric is extremely short. At the same time, this fabric has high density, soft hand feeling, and its pattern fineness and durability are higher. Cushions made of this fabric are particularly suitable for winter use, but they are not as easy to clean as 2way fabrics. The price of this fabric is slightly cheaper than 2way fabric.

3. Peach skin

The surface of this fabric actually has no fluff, and the texture is actually closer to silk. Because of the high printing accuracy, it is loved by many people. This kind of fabric is generally brighter in color and feels not as good as the first two fabrics, but the price is really affordable.

4. Polyester fabric

This kind of fabric has bright colors, clear surface texture, strong longitudinal texture, no wrinkles, no pilling, and is cheap, making it a very affordable high-quality fabric for cushions.

5. Mercerized cotton fabric

The composition of this fabric is 100% cotton. This fabric has been specially treated, which is lighter and thinner than ordinary cotton fabrics, soft to the touch, comfortable, non-irritating to the skin, and has good moisture absorption and breathability. Mercerized cotton is the best quality cotton.

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