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Different Types of Pillows for Babies

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With so many baby products on the market, including different types of baby pillows, do you know what these baby pillows do?

1. Anti-flat head pillow

When babies lie in the same position day after day, they may develop a flat head, many parents don't want their baby's head to be flat, so the anti-flat head pillow is a good choice. Of course, to safely combat flat heads, you can increase the amount of time baby spends on their tummy, hold the baby as much as possible, and show them a lot to look at so they don't always stay in the same lying position.

2. Nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is perfect for mom and your baby! These round or U-shaped pillows help nursing mothers to breastfeed in a comfortable position. They are also great for people who bottle their babies. The nursing pillow wraps around your waist and supports your arms as you feed your little one. Mom can also soothe baby with the baby pillow and relieve mom's tired arms and back pain! When your baby is older, they can even double as items to support your baby or help them sit.

nursing pillows (1)

3. Baby lounger

A baby lounger is simply a pillow that your baby can lie down or sit on while they hang out with you. The indent in the middle of this pillow is a great place for the baby to lie down, practice sitting or tummy time. Like nursing pillows, baby lounger pillows are good for the waking child and the one you spend time with. But the baby lounger cannot be placed in a cot, nor can your child sleep directly on it.

4. Maternity pillow

Maternity pillows are less about your baby and more about keeping them comfortable in your tummy. Maternity pillows also help pregnant moms feel comfortable in bed, especially during the third trimester with a big belly! Using a maternity pillow may make getting sleep easier on those nights you're having trouble falling asleep.

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